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Full Version: BT.1120 interfaces. How switch on them?
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It is written: "Supports BT1120 input/output", "2x28 pins "CSI0" and "CSI1" GPIO Header". - OK
In system 4 drivers of video - for some reason work with MIPI0 and MIPI1.
And where CSI0 and CSI1 with BT1120? We look for.
It appears - In a tree of CSI0 and CSI1 devices are switched off.

If to rebuild a kernel with a new tree of devices in which new drivers appear, but MRR the platform cannot configure them.
Lindeni, where promised "Supports BT1120 input/output"?
этот сайт заброшен
позже я погляжу вашу проблему, я неплохо разобрался в исходниках и сумел решить кучу своих подобных проблем