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Encoding 4K Video
I would like to encode 3840x2160 video.  But there seems to be a limit of 3264x2160.  Is that true?

[VideoEnc_Component.c:433]       <setVbvBufferConfig>          Be careful! threshSize[8294400]bytes too large, reduce to 7MB
[VideoEnc_Component.c:478]       <setVbvBufferConfig>          bit rate is 8192Kb, set encode vbv size 12441600, frame length threshold 7340032

I am using the IMX317 sensor.
It is plugged into MIPI0.
I am using ISP_DEV_1 and VI_DEV_0.

Is there a datasheet for the IMX317 available in the wiki?
OK. I see my problem. I had my sensor in MIPI0 and was using ISP1. ISP1 is limited to 3260x3260

ISP0 can do 4224x4224@30fps
ISP1 can do 3260x3260@30fps

Device 0 and 2 use ISP1
Device 1 and 3 use IPS0

So, if you want to do 4k video you have to put your sensor into MIPI1 and run ISP0.

I am still getting this warning, however:
[VideoEnc_Component.c:433] <setVbvBufferConfig> Be careful! threshSize[8294400]bytes too large, reduce to 7MB

Am I supposed to increase threshSize? How do I do that?
This illustrates the problems of not having source code to these libraries. If source code were available we could simply look at it and answer these questions. But without source we have to pester the support channel to tell us what we need to know.
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