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Questions about boot modes on Lindenis V5
I currently have two Lindenis V5 boards and I want to understand the boot process a little bit more.
From Allwinner documentation, I understand that there’s so called FEL pin which either boots motherboard normally (depending on BOOTSEL flags) or enters UPGRADE mode (USB or UART).
So can you please help me with the following questions:
  1. Where this FEL pin is located? I can’t find it in schematics.
  2. How to enter UART upgrade process instead of USB? I want to try it out.
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I found some information about the firmware upgrade mode.

On the emmc flash page they have a picture what pins to connect to enable firmware upgrade mode:
on this page:
this picture:

And if you go to the datasheet there is a note about uart/usb update pin:

on page 4 the note says:

It looks like it is 1 by default so you need to connect the pin to gnd to enable usart upgrade mode. The pad the pin is connected to is called TP3 and is close to the pins for entering firmware upgrade mode. The precise location can be found on page 1 on this pdf:

All these pdf can be found at the bottom of this page
Hey, thanks for the information!
Sorry for the late response, I am currently trying to make new camera work and UART boot can wait, it's not really important.

I'll make a new topic.

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