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Quality Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
Company Introduction
History of Development :
From 1995, Zemfons started to run filtering products and established Shenzhen factory in 2002, Suzhou factory in 2014. Now the total factory area is 11, 000m²,5000m² in Shenzhen and 6000m² in Suzhou. We have over 110 employees,manufacture about 10 million filters of all kinds per year,the annual turnover is nearly 50 million RMB.
Product Scope:
Including liquid filtration and air filtration,over 50 products and several hundred specifications and types.
Product Category:
PP Melt Blown Filter CartridgesMelt Blown Filter Papers (Membrane)Pleated Micro Membrane Filter Cartridges
String Wound Filter CartridgesActivated Carbon Filter CartridgesActivated Carbon Filter Bags
Liquid Filter BagsOil Absorption Filter BagsAnode Filter Bags For Plating
Deionized Water Resin Filter CartridgesOil Absorption&Removing Filter CartridgesStainless Steel Filters
HEPA High-Efficiency Particulate Air FiltersPrimary and Medium Efficiency Air FiltersDedusting Air Filters

Innovative Patented Products:
Now we have over 20 pioneering products,part of them have been applied for patent. The patented products are as following:
CCH-3 Series,,CCH-4 Series High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges
CA Series High Temperature Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges
CB Series High Temperature Activated Carbon Fiber Filter Cartridges
WPC-1 Series Compound Water Purifying Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges
WCC-70 Series Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges
CCO-40 Series   Activated Carbon Filter Bags
LP Series High Viscosity Liquid Glue Printing Ink Filter Cartridges
IP Series High Viscosity Liquid Glue Resin Filter Cartridges
OP Series Oil Absorption&Removal Filter Cartridges
HCP Series High Precision Filter Cartridges
SWF-BE, BP Series (Cloth Cover, No Fiber Release) String Wound Filter Cartridges
SWF-0.5 Series High Interception Efficiency String Wound Filter Cartridges
SNF Series New Type Glabrous String Wound Filter Cartridges
PP6518-ER Series Compound PP Deionized Water Resin Filter Cartridges
ER-1 Series Compound Deionized Water Resin Filter Cartridges
WCR Series Heavy Metal Liquid Removal Liquid Filter Cartridges
HWF Series High Precision Liquid Filter Bags
OWF Series Oil Absorption Filter Bags
TF-840 Series 100% No-leaking Anode Filter Bags
TF-750B Series 100% No-leaking Anode Filter Bags
HTF Series High Precision Anode Filter Bags
We have three 100, 000-grade dust-free workshops, to ensure that our products could be manufactured in clean environment.
We have 15 domestically fully-equipped filter product testing equipments and have gained professional detection methods and standards. All to ensure our products could get detection effects that other competitors lack in. We are also willing to provide above detection service and consultation for our clients.
We have cooperated with many professional testing agencies both in domestic and abroad,such as SGS, to get more credible quality inspections for our products.  
Our 2 factories both have been registering in ISO 9001 standard.
We only love filtration!We only research filtration!
The difference of inner“filter efficiency”accelerate the development and  Innovation of Zemfons.
Chairman/General Manager: Mr. Huang Wenfeng
Welcome to join us and share your experience!
Zemfons Suzhou Plant
Zemfons Shenzhen PlantQuality Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

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