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can V5 run V3S driving record project?
Originally I wanted to buy the V3S developing board to develop a project just like driving recorder product, the the sales recommendated the newer V5 board to me. I bought double boards and tested almost mpp_sample and app. 
Now I want to try transport v3s project sourcecode to v5 board.  Can V5 support team confirm that the V5 board has capability to run the driving recorder sample code?
The V3 Camdroid OS is not compatible with the newer V5 OS. The hardware is certainly capable of making a Car DVR, but you will have to do some work on the V3 app in order to get it running on the V5.

Camdroid was not a good choice for an OS, the current V5 buildroot based system is a much better base to work from. I will admit that three years ago Camdroid probably looked like a good option, but the future didn't work out in that direction. I also wonder why Allwinner does not port the V5 environment back to the V3/S3 in order to provide a more consistent API to work with.

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