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Muxer not syncing audio and video
I have the output of a video encoder and the output of an audio encoder bound to a muxer group and channel.  The video is 1080p@30fps compressed to h264.  The audio is 16bit, 48K audio compressed with AAC.  I have asked the muxer to write MPEG-TS files.

I am manually gathering the video (AW_MPI_ISE_GetData) and the audio (AW_MPI_AI_GetFrame) in my own threads and sending them into the encoders in the normal way (AW_MPI_VENC_SendFrame & AW_MPI_AENC_SendFrame).

The audio in the resulting MPEG-TS files seems to be 'behind' the video by several hundred milliseconds.  Voices, for instance, don't sync with the lip movements in the video.  How can I fix this?

I noticed that the timestamp on the audio data (AUDIO_FRAME_S mTimeStamp) is set to zero when I retrieve it with AW_MPI_AI_GetFrame.  The video PTS (VIDEO_FRAME_S mpts) does seem to be set correctly.  My thought was that I needed to sync the video and audio timestamps (by using clock()) so the muxer can sync them up.  However, when I set mTimeStamp of the audio frames to something non-zero, I get the follwing error message when I call AW_MPI_AENC_SendFrame:

E1202 19:23:16.867974  1173 AudioEnc_Component.c:971]       <AudioEncEmptyThisBuffer>     fatal error! RecRender should not call this function!

The error return from AS_MPI_AENC_SendFrame is '-1'.  

Am I supposed to set the audio timestamp?  If not, how can I get the audio and video to sync up?

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