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Blasthole Drilling Rig suppliers
▲ Our History
Shandong linquan heavy industry machinery co., ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise in China's water well drilling rig industry. At first, we focused on manufacturing various types of construction machinery. With the development of domestic social economy and market demand, we began to engage in the research and development and manufacturing of water well drilling rig industry with our years of experience in construction machinery manufacturing. After our continuous practice and innovation, has become the leading domestic water well drilling rig industry enterprises.
For more than ten years, shandong linquan heavy industry machinery co., LTD. Has established a good market in China, and exported to Russia, Mongolia, Thailand, myanmar, Africa and other countries. In the near future, we will have more advanced products to the market to give back to the society, will be more quality services to open the global market.
▲ Our Factory
Shandong linquan heavy industry machinery co., ltd. was founded in 2002, the company is located in laizhou city, shandong province, China, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 200 people, more than 30 senior engineers. We have a professional team of engineers with rich experience in the design and production of water well drilling rig . We provide good after-sales service to ensure the successful operation of our water well drilling rig .
The company mainly produces various types of water well drilling rig in the drilling industry. This product is mainly used for drilling Wells, agricultural irrigation, geological exploration, geothermal air conditioning and other USES of Wells.
For decades, the company follows the "quality first, customer first, honesty as the basis" business policy, quality and character coexistence, has won the trust and praise of the majority of users, best-selling products throughout the country, and export to foreign markets. We always adhere to the "quality brand, innovation and development" principle, to provide customers with high standards of products and satisfactory service we welcome customers at home and abroad to cooperate with us, mutual benefit and common development.
▲ Our Product
Shandong linquan heavy industry machinery co., LTD. Main products include:
1. Drilling Rig
2. Hydraulic Drilling Rig
3. DTH Drilling Rig
4. Rotary Drilling Rig
5. Core Drilling Rig
6. Crawler Drilling Rig
7. Water Well Drilling Rig
8. Water Drilling Rig
9. Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig
10. Water Well Drilling Machine
We can customize various types of drilling rigs for areas around the world that need to develop water resources or geological exploration projects, and we can provide quality after-sales support.
▲ Product Application
The water well drilling rigs produced by our company are mainly used for the development of groundwater resources, including domestic water, agricultural water and industrial water. They are also suitable for farmland irrigation, geological exploration, construction engineering, geothermal air conditioning, and bridge foundation drilling. Powerful and fully functional. Especially suitable for water intake projects in mountainous and rocky strata. The efficiency is ten times higher than that of the traditional rotary drilling rig, and the economic benefits created for the users are extremely impressive. In particular, it solves the difficulty in drilling the soil air DTH hammer, and the construction problem of the rotary rock drill of the hard rock layer, gravel and pebble layer, and can work efficiently under various geological structures.
We can customize various types of water well drilling rigs according to customer requirements to suit the company's needs.
▲ Our Certificate
With more than ten years of continuous innovation efforts, China Shandong Linquan Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has strict requirements for product quality, which makes the water well drilling rig produced by our company pass the ISO 9001 certification and China compulsory product certification. The products manufactured have already reached the international standards, and are far ahead in the production process. Users'recognition of our series of water well drilling rig products is our greatest success.
▲ Production Equipment
Our company has four standardized production workshops, including welding workshop, assembly workshop, spraying workshop and inspection workshop. And has the domestic advanced machinery production equipment, including the large-scale fiber laser cutting machine, automatic assembly line.
▲ Production Market
Our company's water well drilling rig series products sell well in domestic and overseas markets, and the annual sales volume has exceeded 2,000 units. In China, our company has cooperated with major construction engineering companies for many years and has become their designated products. In foreign countries, our company's water well drilling rigs are mainly sold in Russia, Mongolia, Thailand, Myanmar, Africa and other countries, and the markets in other countries are still being developed. In the next few years, our company will increase annual production and open up the global market, and look forward to your next partner.
▲ Our Service
When you get in touch with us, we will patiently communicate with you and recommend the appropriate model equipment according to the actual situation you describe. And calculate the working efficiency of the water well drilling rig and the operation mode that needs attention.
When you are sure to work with us, we will determine the nearest pick-up location and arrange for packing and transportation to ensure that the water well drilling rig arrives safely and quickly. And the transportation process will be with you and report the transportation situation at any time.
When you receive the goods, we will contact you in time to tell you the correct disassembly and installation method. If the water well drilling rig is damaged during transportation, we will solve this problem for you in the shortest time and ensure the normal operation of the water well drilling rig. And we will keep in touch with you during the future use, keep abreast of usage and handle some usage problems for you.
In addition to our company's existing water well drilling rig series, our company can also customize the processing according to your actual situation. We strictly control the quality of our products to ensure that water well drilling rig can be used for a long time. We provide the most advanced technical support and excellent after-sales service, and hope to establish long-term cooperation relationship with you.Blasthole Drilling Rig suppliers
Nope none.....when sap is running the tree is under pressure 8-12 psi. Drilling at a angle only encourages a oblonge hole that will leak. Always drill at a 90

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